Silent Hill – Black Dahlia

Silent Hill - Day 4-2 Screenshot 2017-06-30 07-16-36

I beat a Silent Hill game. Go me. Also got eaten by a refrigerator…

With the fear having worn off I’d be lying if I said the ending events were a bit anticlimactic. The story was fine, but the final boss encounter was a dud. I’m also a little upset I missed the best ending which, looking back, there’s no way I would have found without a decent guide.

Silent Hill – Hello Nurse

Silent Hill - Day 3 Screenshot 2017-06-28 07-24-08

Made it through the hospital, Central Silent Hill, and all the events leading through the sewers and the resort section of town.

The events at the elementary school must have steeled me against the rest of this game, as it failed to scare me at all moving through the large chunk of content that I did. Sure, it’s still creepy and unsettling as hell, but I’ve worked out the mechanics of the game, the pacing, that there’s really not much it can do to surprise me. This is probably for the best considering how rough my last play session was.

That’s not to say I’m no longer enjoying the game! Now that I’m not focused so much on catching my breath, I can devote more attention to taking in Silent Hill’s lore and story and environments. I’m having a good time with it, and should have it wrapped up next time I play!

Silent Hill – Alone in the Dark

Silent Hill - Day 2 Screenshot 2017-06-25 23-05-35

Made it through the entirety of the Elementary School, killed a giant lizard, and made my way to the hospital.

The fact that I’m at home, alone, at night, makes playing this game exhausting. Like, my heart just can’t handle it. See, when I unlocked the backdoor of the doghouse house and the sirens starting blaring and world went dark, I thought THAT was the transition to the dark dimension. From that moment on I was on edge, like, bad. The school was creepy as all hell, I had to pause and walk around to collect myself… I wasn’t handling it well.

Then I went through the clock tower…

I can’t, I mean, I just can’t freaking do this! Creepy dark elementary school was one thing but this? Irons, chains, blood, hanging corpses and a flashlight that has a throw of all of about one meter! In the game, the world shifted into a nightmare reality and I was right along with it. Still, I was compelled to keep moving forward, to keep playing and unravel the mystery of Silent Hill and the main character’s missing daughter. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about just calling this one and moving onto the next game the entire time, but I pressed on!

Eventually, I did make it out of that hell dimension, and as the school once again appeared somewhat normal, and light flooded the hallways… I felt as though I had actually just awoken from a terrible nightmare. It’s a sense of relief and confusion that I don’t think any game has ever really triggered in me, and I think a lot of that is simply because I’m interacting with something WAY out of my comfort zone. I eventually made it to the hospital lobby where I decided to end the night and watch Archer. I don’t think I can handle anymore of Silent Hill right now.

Silent Hill – Into the Mist

Silent Hill - Day 1 Screenshot 2017-06-25 22-39-28

Got past the cafe, armed myself, and learned about my next objective.

Full disclosure… I’m not a fan of the horror games or movies. I like the idea, but in practice I’m a giant coward. When it finally came time to play Silent Hill I told myself it wouldn’t be that bad simply on account of the fact that it was an old, ugly PS1 game and that simply by being dated it would lose its impact.

How wrong I was…

Yes, it’s a little ugly, but the spectacular use of audio cues, camera manipulation, setting, lightning and general environment, Silent Hill still holds up in the terror department. Not gonna lie, I’m only 30 minutes in and I’ve already almost nope’d out a couple times. I had to call it an early night, on account of my need to actually sleep, but I want to get further into it tomorrow.

Another thing I need to think about now is how to handle M rated content on the website. I think for the time being, and likely as a norm, I’ll just treat them like any other game I post on, until it becomes a problem. I’ve always kept the blog at a general PG-13 rating and I don’t see this changing with some frightening imagery.

Dino Crisis 2 – Roasted Dino Meat

Dino Crisis 2 - Day 2 Screenshot 2017-06-21 07-13-15

Beat a couple elite dinosaurs with a super cheap flamethrower, blew up some toxic plants, and made it to a boat.

It’s just not clicking for me… I’m finding that when it comes to action oriented games, if the non-action parts are mediocre, and the action isn’t amazing enough to compensate for that, then I just can’t maintain interest. Shooting dinosaurs is fun, absolutely, but the rest of the game is kind of a slog, and shooting those dinosaurs isn’t SO fun that I feel like dealing with those down moments is worth it…

Dino Crisis 2 – Dino… Evilllll…

Dino Crisis 2 - Day 1 Screenshot 2017-06-21 07-12-03

I made it to the first character swap but ended up getting stuck in an endless raptor/wasp ambush and dying.


It’s hard to put my finger on, to be honest. On one hand it’s really fun running around shooting dinosaurs and racking up points. On the other hand, the Resident Evil tank controls aren’t doing this game any favors. On the otherĀ otherĀ hand, they’re not so bad as to ruin the game. That said, I’m already feeling this one wear thin for me, but we’ll see.