Off Course – #8 – Return to Planet Zebes

Super Metroid - Speedrun 3 Screenshot 2016-07-14 22-39-13

I just couldn’t stay away! My playtime for my first attempt on the game was about 4 hours, but I really wanted the sub 3-hour ending. I was pretty confident I had enough of the game committed to memory that I wouldn’t need a guide, and I was right, so that helped a lot.

Even though I just beat this game I had a blast playing through it again… and honestly I may even go in for a third run in the not so distant future…


Super Metroid – Day 1

It’s strange, for me, to be genuinely excited to start a Metroid game, but here we are! Playing Metroid and Metroid II before this game really made the opening areas feel a lot more special, as revisiting areas from the first game made me feel very nostalgic. So far, off to a great start!


Chrono Trigger – Day 10

I decided not to get Robo’s ultimate weapon both because I wasn’t planning on using him in the Lavos fight, and so I could keep the conveyor belt going. I may have gone a little crazy…

The much higher party level, new techs, and different group basically made Lavos an absolute joke, which didn’t detract at all from the game’s fantastic ending! Not too broken up over not unlocking New Game+, as if I really wanted to invest time into this game it would for sure be with the DS version. Such a great game…


Chrono Trigger – Day 9

Well that… didn’t quite go as planned. I’m opting to skip the Black Omen given the amount of times I’ve done it in the past, as well as for the benefit of skipping Lavos’ first form. Looks like I have a bit of grinding┬áto do though…


Chrono Trigger – Day 8

Getting Crono back doesn’t actually take very long, so I decided to bust out a couple of the easier sidequests before actually tackling the mountain. At this point, all that’s left is regrowing the forest, getting the Sun Stone and Rainbow Shell, and clearing Geno Dome, then taking out Lavos either through the Black Omen or the bucket.