I’ve grown up my entire life with video games. My earliest memory as a child is sitting in a little plastic red chair playing Mega Man 3 (Magnet Man’s stage, specifically) on a little TV/VCR combo.

As an adult, I’ve decided to try to buy back part of my childhood, both for myself and for my kids. I want them to know the joy of blowing out an NES cartridge to make it play. I want them to be able to pick a game off the shelf, look at the box, slap it in the console and just have it work. No updates, patches or DLC.

My goal with this project is both to expand this game collection I’ve started with quality titles, and hopefully to reinvigorate this hobby that “real life” tends to overshadow.

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  1. I share the same sentiment. Video games are VERY MEANINGFUL part of my life. I always preferred this medium to films and books, though I am also admiring these. I would like to build up a collection myself. If I will be able, I might try to do that in the future. Kudos to you!


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