Silent Hill – Hello Nurse

Silent Hill - Day 3 Screenshot 2017-06-28 07-24-08

Made it through the hospital, Central Silent Hill, and all the events leading through the sewers and the resort section of town.

The events at the elementary school must have steeled me against the rest of this game, as it failed to scare me at all moving through the large chunk of content that I did. Sure, it’s still creepy and unsettling as hell, but I’ve worked out the mechanics of the game, the pacing, that there’s really not much it can do to surprise me. This is probably for the best considering how rough my last play session was.

That’s not to say I’m no longer enjoying the game! Now that I’m not focused so much on catching my breath, I can devote more attention to taking in Silent Hill’s lore and story and environments. I’m having a good time with it, and should have it wrapped up next time I play!


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