Silent Hill – Into the Mist

Silent Hill - Day 1 Screenshot 2017-06-25 22-39-28

Got past the cafe, armed myself, and learned about my next objective.

Full disclosure… I’m not a fan of the horror games or movies. I like the idea, but in practice I’m a giant coward. When it finally came time to play Silent Hill I told myself it wouldn’t be that bad simply on account of the fact that it was an old, ugly PS1 game and that simply by being dated it would lose its impact.

How wrong I was…

Yes, it’s a little ugly, but the spectacular use of audio cues, camera manipulation, setting, lightning and general environment, Silent Hill still holds up in the terror department. Not gonna lie, I’m only 30 minutes in and I’ve already almost nope’d out a couple times. I had to call it an early night, on account of my need to actually sleep, but I want to get further into it tomorrow.

Another thing I need to think about now is how to handle M rated content on the website. I think for the time being, and likely as a norm, I’ll just treat them like any other game I post on, until it becomes a problem. I’ve always kept the blog at a general PG-13 rating and I don’t see this changing with some frightening imagery.


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