Lunar – Ninny-Ninny Dumb-Dump Poopy-Head

Lunar - Day 2 Screenshot 2017-06-12 17-42-50

Made it to Meribia, met Nash, died horribly in the sewers…

So, I get that Lunar’s one of the more difficult RPG’s out there, however I’m not always on board with how it achieves that difficulty. Accidentally go through a door and trigger a boss fight while you’re out of MP and Nall’s holding your items? Bummer. I don’t want to go screaming that it’s not fair, but, I mean, it’s not. To run into a situation like that and lose an hour or more of progress just feels mean.

That said, I’m still loving everything else about the game from a story standpoint. I know it may be a little cheesy, but I’m a huge sucker for Luna’s songs in this game, as well as the score in general, and the scene with her singing from the crow’s nest was simply excellent. I’ll have another stab at the sewer beast tomorrow…


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