Final Fantasy VIII – When Hogs Fly

Final Fantasy VIII - Day 10 Screenshot 2017-04-19 12-50-28

Grinding some more on Cactuars (ouch…) until all my GFs were maxed out, didn’t take long at all. Reunited Selphie with her Garden and learned a lot about the characters’ pasts. Prepared to intercept flying motorcycles.

Back to having a good time with Final Fantasy 8! Lots of character insight this playthrough and a reasonable enough explanation as to how things ended up the way they did. I’m genuinely excited to see how things play out from here, but for now I’m smack in the middle of the aerial Garden battle, which is freaking rad!

Not to say everything’s gunpowder and roses now, though, as I’m finding myself increasingly frustrated with some of the game’s systems. This would normally be fine, except I can’t help but feel like I’m being punished for not actively engaging in Triple Triad and Card Modding anymore, and the Draw system is really wearing me out…


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