Final Fantasy VIII – Hey, Again!

Final Fantasy VIII - Day 9 Screenshot 2017-04-16 23-50-02

Went on a date with best girl Rinoa, killed my Tomberries than I care to admit, and kicked the crap out of Raijin and Fujin while still finding myself unable to roll either of them on either of my Puzzle & Dragons accounts… Also went Cactuar hunting!

I could spend hours ranting about Squall’s character development, but I’m going to save it for the actual review. Long story short, it’s extremely tiresome. Luckily, the same can’t be said for anyone else in the game, and I’m having a great time watching these characters all grow throughout the story!

I somehow managed to screw up the Occupied Balamb quest and had to restart from an earlier save after wandering around wasting a good hour or so of playtime, but was eventually able to get through it. Now I’m back to AP grinding but with the huge returns from Cactuars I don’t see myself doing it for much longer. Disc 3, here I come!


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