Final Fantasy VIII – Trippin’ Triads

Final Fantasy VIII - Day 2 Screenshot 2017-04-07 07-26-29

Progress? I think I spent 3 hours just playing Triple Triad then went to bed!

I don’t think I’m playing this game right… I have five and a half hours on the game time and I’m maybe about 20 minutes into the actual game! I need AP to level my GF’s, and I need cards to mod into items to refine into magic to equip to my characters! I really just need to get on with the game…

One thing I’ve picked up on is how fantastically overcomplicated the game’s systems are, and how off-putting that could be for people. Personally, now that I have the capacity to understand everything (and have a guide…) I find things like GF skill leveling and the whole junction system really enjoyable, but I can easily see how it can be a bit much when sometimes all you want is “Buy a better sword, equip the better sword, cast magic until you’re out of MP”


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