Final Fantasy VII – The Final Frontier

Final Fantasy VII - Day 13 Screenshot 2017-03-28 07-20-40

Went into space for the final Huge Materia, then took out Diamond and Ultimate Weapon. Wrapped up some sidequests.

While I’ve had a surprising amount of fun playing this game, it’s definitely time to wrap it up, so I’ve been focusing on the main story from here on out which is drawing to a close anyway. Depending on my mood, I might try to beat Ruby and Emerald Weapon, and grab Omnishlash, but at this point I really don’t need to do either of those things to breeze through the rest of the game.

It’s funny how many things I didn’t pick up on the first time I played the game, like Reeve being Cait Sith or how Zack and Cloud’s stories related to each other, so I’m really glad to be playing through it again as an adult.


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