Final Fantasy VII – One Drugs, Please!

Final Fantasy VII - Day 2 Screenshot 2017-03-12 22-34-35

Restarted the game, opting to go with the PS4 (PC) port. Cleared the Don Corneo event and am now off to evacuate Sector 7.

I ultimately decided to restart my game and play the PS4 release, and I’m much happier for it. The sharper textures and font make playing the game much more enjoyable, but the best addition is the fast forward button, and the trophies are nice, too. I’m not a fan of the cheat button, but I don’t intend to ever use it either so no big deal I guess.

Playing through this game again is reminding me of what made it so special in the first place, and as such I’m a thousand times more excited for the remake than I was before! I decided to keep the name Aeris for nostalgia’s sake, and honestly I’m happy either way on the translation. Playing through the whole Don Corneo crossdressing event made me realize just how much I missed in this game as a (very sheltered) teen, and playing through it all now I found myself generally laughing my ass off.


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