Final Fantasy VII – Don’t @#$% Up!

Final Fantasy VII - Day 1 Screenshot 2017-03-08 20-33-30

Cleared through the first Mako Reactor and met up with Tifa at the bar. Getting ready to head out again. Yeah, didn’t get as much play time as I was hoping…

I’m really happy to be playing this game again. Our family didn’t get a Playstation until around 2000, maybe 2001, and when we did the only game we picked up was Resident Evil 2. One day my parents took a trip to Carson City so I asked if they wouldn’t mind swinging by one of the local thrift shops and pick up a game for me: Final Fantasy VII, which I’d just seen there the week prior for $14.95! I honestly didn’t know anything about the game, just that the last two Final Fantasy games I’d played were the life-changing experiences, so I thought I should probably play this one.

I don’t think I left my room for two weeks…

This is the first time I’m playing FF7 since then, and a lot of those feelings are coming back. It’s not my favorite Final Fantasy game, probably not even top 5, but it’s a game that’s important to me and a lot of other people for many reasons. I’m also unable to read the dialogue in this game without having the TFS voices in my head… which is definitely enhancing the experience!


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