Syphon Filter 2 – Friendly Faces Everywhere…


Not really knowing what to expect going into this, I can’t really say I was surprised or excited to be treated to Generic 3rd Person PS1 Action game No.387. Maybe that’s harsh, and it sets a bad tone moving forward, but it is what it is. Any fun I find in this game (and I am finding some) is quickly marred by ugly visuals, bad controls and a homicidal camera. This isn’t unique to Syphon Filter either, as Tenchu and Tomb Raider both come to mind, but it sort of sums up why I was never into these sorts of games on the PS1 as a kid, and why I’m having trouble as an adult.

Now to be fair, as far as bad graphics go these are actually pretty decent, and when the controls work the way you expect them to things can come together in a fun and satisfying way. I’m also totally digging the terrible voice acting where the main character sounds like he’s whisper-yelling in front of a bunch of army men action figures.

I haven’t even beaten the first level yet, and I’m already feeling bored and frustrated with the game. That said, I’ll be giving it a fair amount of time before making any decisions on it, as I feel like there’s something worth playing here… somewhere…


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