Chrono Cross – Marbule Rock City


Following both the events in the Sea of Eden as well as those in Viper Manor, tonight was mostly a journey of gathering up a bunch of characters and techs before setting out on my next major quest.

I can feel the game reaching its apex, and it’s actually a pretty satisfying buildup. In the meantime, I’m tasked with garnering the approval of the six ancient dragons of El Nido which basically equates to running around to old dungeons and fighting big scary bosses!

One of the bigger events of the night had me finally helping Nikki put on his rock concert at Marbule. It was really awesome… at first. As much as I love the music in this game I actually had to mute my TV in order to maintain sanity! The event requires you to fight through several encounters on the island all while Nikki repeats his guitar riff over and over… and over… and over again. At least you get Fargo’s Invincible tech for all your efforts…


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