Chrono Cross – MIGUEL!!!


These longer play sessions are working wonders on my progress, but wreaking havoc on my memory! I always try to write my post right after I’m done playing but when I look over and see that it’s 1:30am and I work the next day I tend to fall behind a bit…

In any case, the big takeaway from tonight was definitely the Sea of Eden. Lots of, well, not plot reveals exactly but rather devices that served to pull together both events in this game as well as those in Chrono Trigger. One of the things I kind of liked about Chrono Trigger was how lightly it handled its concept of time travel without going into things like fragmented timelines and whatnot. Well, Chrono Cross takes it there, revealing a shattered dimensions of “dead” timelines, futures that would never be for better or worse.

Also Miguel is a bastard. Took me five attempts and even when I finally got him down it barely felt like a win…


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