Chrono Cross – Time’s Scar


I’ve always considered Chrono Trigger to be the pinnacle of video game music, and the only other game I’ve felt can rival that happens to be Chrono Cross. It’s just… so… good! In fact I use music from this game in my alarm playlist.

So Chrono Cross is a bit of an interesting game for me for a number of reasons. It was the first PS1 game I ever spent my own money to buy. It was the first RPG that my mom ever stole from me, in fact kickstarting her love affair with video games. It’s my wife’s favorite RPG. I’ve owned three copies of the game over time, four if you count my PSN copy which I body for the sole purpose of being able to play it on the Vita. Finally… I’ve never beaten this game. Hell, I’ve never reached the second disc!

This is it, though. I finally have a good excuse to sit down and beat Chrono Cross, and I intend to take it!

I started my first night with the game a little too late, and could only play for an hour before I started nodding off. Every thing is pretty much how I remember it, though now a days I have a better appreciation for how… not good the game’s menu system is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s stylish and more or less functional, it just makes navigating much more of a hassle than it needs to be. I believe my last time playing this game I made it as far as the Hydra Marsh, maybe a little further. So far my biggest complaint is that it’s too easy to miss things like enemies and treasure chests as they tend to blend in to the environments. This is less a fault of the game, and more one of the hardware, and I think I had a similar issue with Final Fantasy IX. Either way, we’re off to a good start!


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