Tenchu 2 – Ninja Wrap


Puns are fun, especially when they involve turtles…

When I was a kid we never got a Playstation. Being more of a Nintendo family. we went straight from the SNES to the N64 and wouldn’t have a Sony console in the house until several years later. Instead, I would get my PS1 fix from friends and neighbors, getting introduced to games like Armored Core, Jet Moto, Twisted Metal, Resident Evil… and Tenchu! I remember Tenchu being a lot of fun, but challenging, and will cool sound effects.

Two out of three ain’t bad?

I went into this game bright-eyed and eager, so it was extra disappointing when I couldn’t wait to reach a stopping point. I’m just not having fun with this one. Yeah, there’s a lot of technical issues, but there’s a lot of basic design decisions turning me off as well. I got passed the third stage, and I think I’ll dabble around a bit more before calling it.


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