Star Ocean: Second Story – Second Evolution


After deciding to wrap up my time spent with Claude and Co., I figured I’d grab the PSP and give the remake a shot.

One of my big issues with Second Story, which I’ll expand on in the incoming review, is that there was simply far to much to sink my time into for me to proper enjoy the game within the scope of the project. This is the type of game I’d want to play on my own time, especially while on the go or during my lunch breaks. To that end, Second Evolution is perfect! I’m absolutely loving the touch-ups. Audio is infinitely better, the script feels much more natural, the cutscenes and character portraits are fantastic, honestly I wish I’d just played the game this way from the get-go!

The only real problem is that, after spending so much time with the Vita it’s a little hard to go back to the PSP. Still, it may be worth trying especially since I don’t have a handheld game at the moment… just… ignore the still-in-its-plastic copy of 7th Dragon III Code VFD on the shelf…


I really need to figure out the best Framemeister settings to play PSP games on the TV… I also just wish Square Enix had enough sense to release the PS4/Vita version of this game in the west…


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