PS1 – #49 – Bloody Roar II

Bloody Roar II - Day 1 Screenshot 2016-07-07 07-12-25

Bloody Roar II:

I think my PVR may have an issue with interlacing, or whatever the hell the PS3 is doing to this PS1 game. If it continues to come up some investigating will be in order. At least it looks just fine in motion!

Gameplay: 6.8

For the most part, combat in Bloody Roar II is pretty bare bones. Square punches, Cross kicks, and Triangle grabs… sometimes… sometimes it doesn’t. Actually, there’s a lot of inconsistency in how this fighter handles. Sometimes your special moves are powered up, and sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes the Triangle button grabs your opponent, and sometimes it just throws a punch. When everything works it works fine, nothing groundbreaking but still fine. When things don’t work the way they’re supposed to the game feels frustrating and button-mashy.

What makes Bloody Roar II unique is the ability for each character to transform into a animal form. The bar at the bottom of the screen fills up over the course of the fight, and once it’s full you can press the Circle button to engage beast mode. Once you’ve gotten swole you’ll find your character handles more or less exactly the same, just that you’re dishing out more damage. You’ll remain in this form until you’ve taken enough damage, even between rounds. Also, at any point while in beast form you can press L1 to unleash an ultimate attack and completely drain your beast bar. Miss and you’ve just wasted your beast form, connect and you’ll take out about 1/2 of your opponent’s health bar!


Story / Value: 7.0

Characters in the game are unique visually, but only just barely when it comes to handling. Combos and special moves all feel similar across the roster and fighter choice largely comes down to personal preference.

As far as game modes go you have the standard options. It’s nice that each character gets their own take on the story mode, but the story manages to be both convoluted and generic at the same time. The actual storytelling manages to fall flat as well.

Presentation: 7.5

For an Ugly 3D Fighting Gameā„¢ Bloody Roar II actually doesn’t look too terrible. Characters are all piles of boxes but the game still manages to convey a sense of style that, I find, tends to get lost in this particular genre. Models are well textured and those textures do a pretty good job of staying properly oriented for the most part. There’s a couple CG scenes which pretty much live up to the expected standard of PS1 CG scenes.

Music: 6.5

It’s there, during the fights anyway. It’s not offensive but I couldn’t remember it if I tried. There was also a noticeable lack of it during menus and story scenes.

Sound: 7.0

Combat sounds were all fine, but what was of particular note were the character taunts that would randomly pop up during and after fights. Only complaint is that it would sometimes look like there was supposed to be a sound bite present, when none actually played.

Fun / Afterthoughts: 6.8

Eh… It was better than I thought it would be, to be perfectly honest, but it’s not a game I could see myself really wanting to play again. I didn’t hate it.


Bloody Roar II



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