Off Course – #9 – Harvest Valley


Admittedly, it’s taken me a LONG time to get on the Stardew Valley train, which is weird considering how excited I was for the game to come out, and how surprised I was when it actually did! As such a huge Harvest Moon fan, this seemed like a natural Day 1 buy, and all the positivity surrounding the game only furthered that justification…

…but it never happened…


I finally bought it during the Steam Summer Sale and my feelings on the game are mixed, but, not in the traditional sense. I love Stardew Valley. I love everything about it! The visuals, the music, the smooth animations, the feels, it all just comes together in this perfect package that makes me feel like I’m playing Harvest Moon 64 for the first time again. At the same time, though, actually playing the game feels… off. I kind of feel like I can completely attribute this to the fact that I’m playing it on PC with a mouse and keyboard, that just doesn’t feel right for me. I know the game has limited controller support, but that still means occasionally and awkwardly switching between inputs.


The game is coming to consoles Soon™ and when it does it’ll probably be an instant buy for me. I’m glad I finally took the time to play Stardew Valley, and I hope to find more time to dedicate it as I really believe it’s something special.


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