Playthrough Analysis – 193 Games

We’ll go ahead and call this the 200 game mark, which puts us right at 1/3 of the way through.

Playing through the most recent leg has been interesting in the sense that it’s been completely uninteresting! Sure, I had to replace my PVR at one point, but I’ve still maintained more or less consistent recording from the beginning of the year. And, sure, I had a couple cartridge issues that forced me to build a little Raspberry Pi emulator box, but if I didn’t mention it you’d never know. All in all it’s been pretty smooth, so hey, let’s hit the charts!

Genre Statistics:

Games per Genre

While every console from here on out will still be pumping out platformers, it’s at this point where we can expect things to taper off a bit. Still, the genre’s most likely going to remain dominant if only for the early foothold it established. The good news is that it’s also from this point on that we should start to see the genre distribution evening out.

Score per Genre

Thanks to games like Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger we see RPG’s jump up a few slots since last time, now beating out platformers and catching up to action adventure titles. Of course it’s also thanks to recent additions like Link to the Past and Super Metroid that we continue to see the action adventure genre at the top of this chart. I feel like over the course of the rest of this project it will be these two genres duking it out.

Like last time, here’s the top picks per genre:

Lots of changes here, with the SNES not only taking several of the categories, but also establishing a couple new ones. Once again, a lot of these spots are well-deserved and I expect to hold for a while, but there will surely be some shifts incoming.

Score per Console

Finally is the console rankings. These scores are obtained by averaging the scores for every game in that console list. I’ve debated just how worthwhile this chart is, and so have also created a similar one taking only the console’s top 10 scoring games into account.

Score per Console (Top 10)

Yearly Statistics:

Genre per Year

With 1985 to 1994 set in stone, I think we can clearly see the height of the popularity of platforming games. I’ll be really interested to see exactly how that tapers off as we finish off the decade, but I think 1991-1994 basically represent the genre’s heyday.

Score per Year

For the most part, years where new games were introduced all had their average scores increased! Like last time, here’s the yearly record holders.

Poor Sega Genesis…

Top 10’s:

Something new this time around! For any list that was present for the previous analysis, all new additions to it will be highlighted in GREEN. This makes it easy to see what’s changed, if anything.

5 Year Brackets

Top 10 1985-1989

The SNES didn’t show up until 1991, so nothing new here of course.

Top 10 1990-1994

Sonic 3 does make the list, but otherwise Nintendo owned the first half of the 90’s…

Top 10 1995-1999

…of course it owned the back half as well! To be fair, this list really only takes into account 1995-1996. Once the PS1 has had a chance to make its make we could see some major changes here.


Top 10 Action Adventure

While still dominated by Nintendo, the SNES actually added just two games to this list. Granted, they’re big games… It may get the point where I need to make a list for “Action Adventure Games That Aren’t Metroid or Zelda”

Top 10 Beat em Up

New list, now that we have enough titles to create it. Still not my favorite genre.

Top 10 Platformers

So the Super Nintendo takes 7 out of 10 spots for the genre… hunh. Not to say it hasn’t earned them.

Top 10 Puzzle

Hard to get to excited about the puzzle games, but there’s still some fun to be had. Pokemon Puzzle Challenge is still my go-to travel Tetris game.

Top 10 Racing

Another new list, with some obvious choices taking the top spots. I expect to see this one get fleshed out more in the not-too-distant future.

Top 10 RPG

Aka, Top 10 SNES games? This list combines RPGs, Action RPGs and Tactical RPGs. Expect Sony’s consoles to have something to say about this list.

Top 10 Sports

The only two games added to this list were updates versions of games on the last list.

Top 100 Games:

I know I said something about slowly growing the list by increments of 5 until we hit Top 50 and stopping there… but… screw it. Top 100! This will just be the standard moving forward.

Top 100 Games


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