Chrono Trigger – Day 1

Chrono Trigger…


I’m so happy to be playing this game again, as it’s been far too long. As soon as the pendulum ticks started playing all the memories rushed back to me. The music, the graphics… all of it just triggers some fantastic feelings.

I didn’t get very far for my first day, but hope to pick up the pace a bit. Already having a great time though.

I love that I’m actually playing this on my original copy of Chrono Trigger that I picked up in a video store liquidation sale in the late 90’s for all of $10. Grabbed Breath of Fire II at the same time for the same price. I’d loaned my cartridge to my future wife when we were in high school, and it was only two years ago that it would resurface after her brother found it in an old box. It looked like it had spent the last 12 years living under a shed (entirely possible) but I managed to restore it with a new shell and a new label. It looks brand new, still plays, still saves!


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