Friday Play – Skyrim – Week 1

New feature for the website, brought about mostly due to how contested the TV’s been lately! Rather than stress out making sure I had a week’s worth of content, I thought I’d look into ways to mix things up a bit. I considered posting only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but thought I’d try this first!

“Friday Play” will have me tackling the more… obscenely lengthy games from the lower levels of my list. Skyrim’s been on my plate since launch so I figured it’d make for a good starting point. I’ll be posting weekly status updates for as long as it takes me to beat it, followed by a standard review, then if this works out we’ll move on to the next! In the meantime, here’s my first “week” of gameplay…


If Geralt was a Wood Elf… I’m playing on PC sans any mods to simulate the console experience. I’ve decided to eschew my usual habits of rolling an armored Paladin character, in favor of going full on sneaky, thieving, ranged assassin. The plan is to play through both the Thieve’s Guild and Brotherhood of Darkness quest lines, then focusing mostly on the main story line.


Not a lot to say about the start of the game, especially considering I’ve started this game SO MANY TIMES! I went with the Storm Cloaks, stripped dead guards for light armor and used a sword for as long as it took me to find a bow. I’ll probably try to stick with a bow and a pair of daggers, if only to be thematic.


Not gonna lie, the only reason I went with a bow is so I wouldn’t have to get too close to those damn spiders! I don’t even like looting the things!!!


And we’re finally outside! I’ll stop by the first town, whatever it’s called, and take care of that golden claw quest for the loot and experience… Actually I don’t even think that’s optional, as that’s where you get your first dragon shout…


I’ve started this game so many times and it’s only just now that I realized there was a mine shaft on the way to Riverwood! Naturally I had to take the opportunity to scope it out and improve my stealth assassin skills. It wasn’t exactly the most lucrative venture, but it was fun. I also made sure to pick up a couple iron daggers here, recognizing the need to engage in melee combat once in a while…


As usual, my first stop in Riverwood was to pick up the quest to retrieve the Golden Claw from some thief up on the mountain. I also took some time to load up on arrows and grab a hunting bow.


I was pretty proud of myself here, making it all the way up the mountain and through the cave (up to the spider boss) while remaining completely unseen. Once the undead start un-deading though there’s not much that can be done. I retrieved the claw, got my first Shout and made a tidy profit between receiving payment for the claw and selling a few magical goods I found in the tombs.


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