SNES – #10 – Mega Man X

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Gameplay, Story and Value:

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My biggest complaint about Mega Man X is that there’s a weird resolution clip between the stage select screen and the stages themselves that makes my XRGB-Mini lose connection for about a half a second. That’s pretty much it.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m probably a bit too bias towards this game and the franchise in general, but not without good reason! Everything from the borderlineĀ scientifically perfect intro stage to the hidden powerups and abilities to the excellent stage design just sings with awesomeness.

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At its core, Mega Man X is just like any other Mega Man game before it. You run and shoot, and have a charge shot, and the only major mechanical differences made apparent from the outside is your ability to cling to walls and the unmissable dash ability. Look past that, though, and you’ll be scouring stages for heart pieces, health containers, armor augmentations and even a great little cameo ability from another Capcom staple.

Like in other games, stages can be tackled in any order, though bosses are best fought using the weapons they’re weak against. Additionally, clearing oneĀ stage may have an impact on another, for instance, Flame Mammoth’s level is normally flowing with lava, however clearing Chill Penguin’s stage before it will freeze the ground, making it much easier to clear! You’ll also need to use some of your abilities in interesting way, such as throwing boomerangs to reach normally unreachable items.

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The stages themselves are all unique and fun, and X’s mobility makes traversing them enjoyable regardless of how the level is oriented. Whether you’re climbing towers, flying over airbases, dropping through the latter Sigma stages or shooting your way through more traditional levels it all comes together really well.

The bosses are also a lot of fun, despite the fact that some of them can be exploited pretty heavily.

Presentation, Music and Sound:

Day 2 Screenshot 2016-04-17 08-28-23

To be perfectly fair, while Mega Man X is a very good looking game it doesn’t really do anything extraordinary. Sprites are all detailed and full of character and projectiles look great, lending for a cohesive art style that fits the game very nicely. There is some lag at certain points in the game which can be a little distracting, but those patches are few and far between. All in all, Mega Man X is a very good looking game.

he audio is even better. While I still prefer the tracks from the original Mega Man games on the NES to the ones from X, that doesn’t make what’s on offer here any less excellent. The themes from the Intro stage and Storm Eagle’s stage immediately come to mind. The sound effects are also pretty great, especially when it comes to weapon and explosion effects.


Day 2 Screenshot 2016-04-17 08-29-57

Mega Man X is another one of those games that I probably like a bit too much for my own good. I had so much fun playing through it again I actually beat it twice, just in an effort to beat my last time! This game retains a lot of the challenge from its NES counterparts while still being one of the more accessible entries in the series, which is probably for the better. This is one of those titles that I know I’ll be pulling off my shelf regularly for the foreseeable future!


Mega Man X



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