Secret of Mana – Day 1

The last time I played Secret of Mana, I believe, was around 1995-1996. My cousin had it and I thought it was just the coolest game. At the time I was already borrowing Soul Blazer (Which I seriously need to play again!) but at some point I gave it back just so I could start begging him to lend me this game. After he finally did, I went straight to work on beating it, which I did!

I remember very little about this game aside from brief flashes of scenes and events, but what really stuck with me is the music. IT’S SO GOOD! As soon as I fired up the cartridge and heard that piano intro my ears were in heaven!

Anyway, after forcing myself not to name the main character “NotChrono” I set off for my first hour or so of gameplay. The combat is actually a lot better than I remember, and I’m having a pretty good time figuring things out so far!


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