SNES – #12 – Tetris Attack

Day 1 Screenshot 2016-03-27 22-41-01

Gameplay, Story and Value:

Day 1 Screenshot 2016-03-27 22-41-13

For all intents and purposes, Tetris Attack on the Super Nintendo is just your average Panel de Pon clone with some Nintendo characters superimposed on top of it; much like Pokémon Puzzle Challenge, reviewed here last year. You move your cursor around the screen, swapping panels to create matches and combos in order to drop garbage on your opponent and eventually cause them to lose the game by hitting the top of the screen.

As is tradition, Tetris Attack offers several modes of playing including endless play, versus CPU, versus player, puzzles, line challenges and, of course, story mode. In story mode you play through a series of matches, recruiting defeated opponents to join your cause, and eventually face off against a set of difficult “boss” characters. You can play on easy, medium or hard difficulty, each with different opponents and endings.

While I’m not good enough at this game to play at higher levels, it’s still my favorite variant of the dropping puzzle games like Tetris and Puyo Pop.

Presentation, Music and Sound:

Day 1 Screenshot 2016-03-27 22-41-31

Sprites are vibrant and the interface is serviceable, though at times everything can come off as a bit noisy. None of that really matters though since you’ll more or less be fixated on your panels, which look fine. Not a lot to talk about here as everything pretty much does its job, conveying the information it needs to.

The music is okay, though it should have pulled more from its source material as all the included tracks sound pretty generic. Sound effects are good and fit well with the characters that make them.


Day 1 Screenshot 2016-03-27 22-42-27

Short review, but, I mean that’s to be expected with a game like this. I’m not a huge fan of puzzle games like this in general but I always have fun with this series!


Tetris Attack


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