Final Fantasy IV – Day 9

Final stretch! My first attempt on Bahamut was a miserable failure thanks mostly to me being bad. I also should have thought to lower the battle speed a bit before trying the fight. In any case, I decided to save it for later until after the grindfest that was the Giant of Babil. I actually cut that part out of the video as it was literally just me sitting at the save point fighting Searchers for about 2 hours, or however long it took to get everyone into their mid-high 50’s.

After that it was basically a straight shot to the final boss, picking up all the special weapons and armor along the way, minus rare drops and Adamant Armor. After trying and failing to steal the Dark Matter from Zeromus, making the encounter more manageable, I decided to just go for it and was treated to a suitably epic finale.


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