Final Fantasy IV – Day 2

I spent so long ranting yesterday that I never actually touched on the game itself… The truth is I’m already over the re-translation quirks and am back to enjoying my time in Final Fantasy 4.

I remember this game well enough that it’s almost annoying. Every time I see something familiar or reach a new milestone I immediately go “Oh yeah, this part. Oh yeah, this part. Oh yeah…” At the same time, this does allow me to look at a game that I’ve always been bias towards (in favor of) in a more critical light. Even though I know it to be technically wrong, as a US gamer I’m going to continue treating FF4 as a direct sequel to FF1, and disregard FF2/FF3 when making any comparisons. Based on that, it’s interesting to see how FF4 is both reflective of the Final Fantasy series in its infancy, yet also represents a major turning point for the series in terms of storytelling and character development. It’s a huge leap going from barely caring about my four Heroes of Light in the first game to being so heavily investing in Cecil and company in this one. At the same time, while FF4 is definitely a large step forward technically, you still see a lot of holdovers from the first game. Even the visuals, save for things like Mode7, as are indicative of the NES original.

As for the play session itself… It was interesting to see Edward renamed as Gilbert, but I didn’t care about the character enough to change his name. I remember the Antlion Den being really challenging for me when I played this game as a kid, but it wasn’t so bad this time around. I made it passed the failed Fabul defense and decided to call it quits before starting my journey in becoming a Paladin.


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