Final Fantasy IV – Day 1


I’ve officially restarted this game three times now, all because I wanted to try something a little different. When I bought my copy of Final Fantasy IV (FF2 US) I decided against buying the US copy as, well it was fine when I was younger, these days I don’t really appreciate the intensely dumbed down version of the game. I still wanted to play the game on it’s original engine and I still wanted to play it on an SNES if possible. With that, I opted to pick up a reproduction copy of the SFC version of Final Fantasy IV with J2E’s retranslation patch applied to it.

I only just realized my mistake.

While I greatly appreciate a cleaned script and more accurate naming, this patch just took a few more liberties with the writing than I’m comfortable with. Add to that the ugly and often inconsistent fonts plus clunky window spacing and padding and ultimately I just wasn’t enjoying the game as much as I’d have liked. My only other option was playing the PS1 version. Very brief load times and it takes longer to save, but hey, it’s what I’m looking for. I don’t have any PS1 memory cards lying around so I use my PS3 for all PS1 games. The PS3 plays 99% of all PS1 games perfectly… but guess which game falls into that 1%? Any form of sprite transparency causes intense screen flickering which makes playing the game physically painful, not to mention the buggy audio. After about an hour I decided I’d rather take the questionable translation over the glitches and so it was back to the SNES. Of course I’d already deleted my recording so… time to start over again.

After playing for almost an hour, renaming Cain back to Kain in the process, I decided to call it after picking up Tellah. I think I can learn to live with the patch, which is good considering I otherwise love this game.


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