SNES – #23 – Star Fox

Day 1 Screenshot 2016-02-21 22-25-31

Gameplay, Story and Value:

Day 1 Screenshot 2016-02-21 22-25-38

Doing another one of these things huh?

Sort of feels like a cop-out when you can’t think of enough to write…
Sort of is.

Okay well, let’s start with the easy part. How’s the story?
It’s there. I mean I don’t think Star Fox ever really “needed” an epic story to be good. The evil Andross is looking to conquer the Lylat System and it’s up to your crack team of anthropomorphic animal pilots to fly to planet Venom and take him out! Each stage takes place either on a planet’s surface or in deep space, and there’s three different routes your can take through the galaxy to reach venom.

Sounds like we’re off to a pretty good start!
Yeah, but then there’s the gameplay… I mean the gameplay itself isn’t necessarily bad, at least in principle. The problem is that it all sort of falls flat in execution thanks to horrible framerates and poor implementation of things like first-person view. The worst part is that the game has some really good qualities like fast controls and satisfying audio, but the choice to go with polygons just makes for a really poor experience for me.

Presentation, Music and Sound:

Day 1 Screenshot 2016-02-21 22-25-46

But it’s in 3D! With 3D models! That’s rad, right?
NO! No it isn’t. I mean it’s great that they were able to push the SNES to these kinds of limits but it comes at the cost of being almost unplayable. I’ve always advocated that consoles should stick to their strengths, and games like this (and Stunt Race FX, and Virtua Racer, and…) are why. The sprite work and UI and characters in Star Fox all look great, the rest of the game is an eyesore.

Okay. You mentioned the audio earlier?
Yes! The sound effects in Star Fox are fantastic and satisfying. Hearing your lasers firing and bombs exploding and your ship boosting and break all sounds great. The music is good, too, though not as good as in Star Fox 64.


Day 1 Screenshot 2016-02-21 22-26-36

So… You must really hate Star Fox then.
No! In fact Star Fox 64 is still one of my favorite games of all time. I just don’t likeĀ this game. Even as a kid I didn’t care for it, and it was for all the same reasons I don’t care for it today. The game is still a classic and it deserves to sit on my shelf, but I just don’t ever see myself playing it over other games on the console or, you know, Star Fox 64.

What do you want, man? I mean would you like this game more if it were a vertical schmup?


Star Fox



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