Super Mario RPG – Day 4

Over the course of this project the most common discrepancy when it comes to my memories of a game is that games I remember as being not great are often much better than I gave them credit for… holy run-on sentence. In the case of Super Mario RPG, I think my memories of the game definitely have the upper hand, as I’m finding my excitement and enjoyment waning.

I’m not saying I don’t like the game, or that it’s bad. On the contrary! I’m just starting to see that it’s not as good as maybe I was expecting, based on my memories of it. Super Mario RPG won’t be the last victim of rose colored memories, I’m just sad to see it’s the first.

In any case, things are progressing quickly. Mallow’s been reunited with his parents, an event that yields ZERO backstory but hey, and Mario now has his ultimate weapon in the Lazy Shell. Next time we’ll be picking up another star piece and if I’m not mistaken the end is in sight!


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