SNES – #31 – Simcity

Day 1 Screenshot 2016-02-01 22-52-54

Gameplay, Story and Value:

Day 1 Screenshot 2016-02-01 22-53-21

Simcity is a very hard game to rate objectively, but I’m going to try my best…

What do you do in Simcity? I can’t imagine anyone who hasn’t heard of some form of this game, but, in Simcity you build and maintain a city! You’ll manage everything from power and transportation to civics and municipalities. You’ll be responsible for keeping your growing population safe and happy for as long as it takes you to get bored and do something else, or unleash a slew of natural disasters (like Bowser!) on your city and start over.

Is there variety? Well yes and no. In terms of actual city-building you’re limited to a very small number of options and very little control over those options once they’re placed in your map. That said, the game does include some very difficult scenarios to play through, such as restoring a large city after a massive earthquake or fixing an even larger city’s traffic problems. Additionally there are several different maps to choose from when building your own city, so the chance to challenge yourself is there for sure.

Does it control well? YES! Of all the problems I may have with the game controls are surprisingly not among them. It’s extremely refreshing to see all the proper steps were taken to ensure that, despite being an early PC title, controls are as intuitive as they possibly can be with a controller.

Problems? Well, only a couple really, but they’re enough. The first is that despite being a cartridge game, Simcity has some serious load times. These wouldn’t be a huge issue except that they’re long and frequent. Load time between game mode menus, load times when flipping between maps. So many load times. The other issue I have is the aforementioned lack of variety when it comes to building. I know it’s not a fair comparison, but going from something like Cities Skylines on the PC to playing this, and it’s hard to consider Simcity on the SNES to be considered a “game” at all! There’s very little to do, and it takes forever to get to not doing it!

Presentation, Music and Sound:

Day 1 Screenshot 2016-02-01 22-53-12

But it looks and sounds okay, right? Sure, I guess. It looks just like how I remember it looking on the PC but with a few minor tweaks to make it more controller friendly. I can’t really complain about the visuals because it looks as good as one would expect a SNES port of the original Simcity to look. The music and sound are fine, too. I mean, they’re there anyway. There’s no real variety in the music but it’s subdued enough that it won’t bother you when you remember it’s playing.


Day 1 Screenshot 2016-02-01 22-53-27

But you had fun, right? No, not really. Not at all. It was really boring.

Okay, but it’s the best city building game you’ve played on the SNES? Nope. That would be Soul Blazer…





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