SNES – #33 – Super Bomberman 2

Day 1 Screenshot 2016-02-01 22-46-51

Gameplay, Story and Value:

Day 1 Screenshot 2016-02-01 22-47-21

The core gameplay of Bomberman remains unchanged from its NES days. A single button places a bomb which can then be kicked, tossed or left to detonate. Powerups can be found to increase the magnitude and quantity of your bombs, which you’ll then use to activate switches, destroy obstacles and blow up enemies.

Controls are simple and responsive and everything generally plays very well. Single player spans five game worlds, each ending in a boss encounter, and has you navigating increasingly complicated levels. This mode is much tighter than in previous iterations, making it much more appealing to people who are into that sort of thing. The real joy in this game, however, comes from its multiplayer.

Day 1 Screenshot 2016-02-01 22-48-58

Multiplayer allows one to four players (via a multitap) to compete in arena matches against each other. There are 10 stages to choose from, each with their own unique gameplay elements, and you can set options for time limits and to what score everyone will be playing towards. Matches are quick, chaotic and a ton of fun.

Presentation, Music and Sound:

Day 1 Screenshot 2016-02-01 22-48-12

Graphics are bright, clean and very nicely styled. Everything about the game is fun to look at and easy to discern given the amount of havoc that tends to ensue on the screen. It’s usually easy and intuitive to tell what things in the environment will do at a glance, and really there’s nothing bad to be said about the game visually. The UI is clean and informative at the top of your screen, showing all pertinent information like lives and bomb levels.

The audio in Super Bomberman 2 is nothing to write home about, but it all suits the game just perfectly, enhancing the overall experience.


Day 1 Screenshot 2016-02-01 22-48-06

After the less than stellar time I had with the NES version of Bomberman, I was very happy to find this one to be incredibly enjoyable. The single player mode still doesn’t do it for me, but on the off-chance I ever decide to go back and clear it at least it’s short. Multiplayer was a blast (pun intended) and if I didn’t have other options it would probably drive me to get an SNES multitap!


Super Bomberman 2




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