Harvest Moon – Day 1

It’s actually really weird for me to be playing this game with an SNES controller! The first and last time I played Harvest Moon was back in the ZSNES days of the late 90’s on a crappy laptop keyboard. Of course that didn’t stop me from beating the game and getting entirely addicted to the franchise from that point forward!

I had some preconceived notions as to what exactly I wasn’t going to like about this game, coming back to the original after years of incremental improvements. To my surprise, the 2-Tool system really doesn’t bother me at all! What did throw me off was just how fast the days go in this game, which makes harvest time especially challenging.

I remember, back then, being frustrating from not having a stamina bar. It’s funny now that I have no trouble tracking my character’s stamina, in fact it’s pretty obvious how the game works in that regard. All in all I’ve enjoyed my first day with the game.


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