SNES – #35 – Kirby’s Avalanche

Kirby Avalanche - 1 Screenshot 2016-01-22 22-52-50

Gameplay, Story and Value:

Kirby Avalanche - 1 Screenshot 2016-01-22 22-53-33

There’s really not much to say about this game that hasn’t been said here. Puyo Pop is Puyo Pop and Kirby’s Avalanche is no different. The game offers both single player and versus mode across various difficulties.

The game has you matching series of four or more same-colored slimes in order to drop garbage on your opponent. Once the third column from the left reaches the top of the screen, that player loses and the round ends. The key is to set up chain reactions, or combos, with multiple matches in order to drop even more garbage on the other player which can only be cleared by achieving matches adjacent to said garbage.

The story mode involves some trash talking between Kirby characters before each match, which is always fun.

Presentation, Music and Sound:

Kirby Avalanche - 1 Screenshot 2016-01-22 22-53-21

The visuals are great with Kirby and friends looking as bright and lively as ever. During matches you can see your opponent reacting to the game while dances around endlessly at the bottom of the screen. Beyond the Kirby juxtaposition, the rest of the game is your standard Puyo fare, which is fine because those slimes are freaking great.

The music is fine, but it’s criminal that they didn’t use tracks from the Kirby franchise. There’s some fantastic music there that would have fit in perfectly here, and its absence is felt. Sound effect are exactly what you’d expect here, which is to say they’re fine.


Kirby Avalanche - 1 Screenshot 2016-01-22 22-53-54

I’m so bad at this game.

Actually, in the gameplay footage below my wife had to step in and beat that last stage for me! Still, it’s good fun and I definitely like this take on it over Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine though nothing will top the original of course. All in all, a perfectly fine puzzle game!


Kirby's Avalanche




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