SNES – #40 – The Magical Quest: Starring Mickey Mouse

Magical Quest.mp4_snapshot_00.01_[2016.01.03_19.38.53]

Gameplay, Story and Value:

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Magical Quest is another entry in Capcom’s lineup of Disney games for the 8 and 16 bit consoles. You control Mickey Mouse on a quest to save your dog Pluto who has been dog-napped by the evil wizard, Pete.

The controls are solid, as expected from Capcom, and everything handles very well… for the most part. If I had to complain about one thing regarding the gameplay it would be that the grab and throw mechanic feels a bit awkward. Mickey is able to grab blocks and items with the Y button, then press the button again to throw them. While I’d prefer this to be a “Hold Y to grab, release to throw” mechanic, what really makes it feel off is that when you throw an item you stop moving. It’s a weird thing to complain about, sure, but it’s still noticeable throughout the game.

Luckily you wont be grabbing and throwing things all too often, as you’ll quickly come across your first costume allowing Mickey to transform into a wizard! You’ll find a few different costumes during your quest, each with its own special ability. Wizard Mickey can shoot magic from his finger, or charge up for a powerful blast, like in Mega Man X. Fireman Mickey can push blocks around and put out flames to clear paths. Grappling Hook Mickey pretty much turns the game into Bionic Commando… which is the best thing ever.

Magical Quest.mp4_snapshot_02.10_[2016.01.03_19.40.15]

Magical Quest is fairly short, however in true Capcom fashion the difficulty ramps up quickly. When you first find a new ability, the entire stage will usually center around the use of that ability, but as the game progresses you’ll be expected to constantly switch between costumes and use different powers to progress. The difficulty never feels cheap, and clearing stages and taking down the harder bosses is very satisfying.

Presentation, Music and Sound:

Magical Quest.mp4_snapshot_05.40_[2016.01.03_19.40.36]

Magical Quest looks pretty good all around, though I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s the best looking Disney game of the time, and certainly not the best looking Mickey Mouse game. Colors are nice, sprites are sharp and well animated and the game’s many environments all come together well.

Sound effects all fit nicely into the game, and music is generally okay.

There’s really nothing to complain about in either the visual or audio departments, but all in all the game is only just above average in each.

Magical Quest.mp4_snapshot_13.59_[2016.01.03_19.43.27]

Magical Quest was a pretty great game that I had a fun time beating. Sure, I almost snapped my controller in half a few times, but that just made the victories all the more satisfying. I especially liked how much inspiration was drawn from other Capcom titles when it came to various game mechanics, as well as Mickey’s powers themselves.


Magical Quest


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