Breath of Fire II – Day 9

Wow, I’d forgotten what it’s like to start playing a game only to look up and realize eight and a half hours had passed!

The random encounters are getting on my last nerve, and the grinding is… grindy. Still, I can’t help but continue to be impressed at how great this game is. I didn’t really give the story too much thought as a kid, but playing it as an adult with the improved translation I’m just loving it. As someone who grew up in a fundamentalist Christian home only to end up a happy atheist, I can’t help but appreciate the underlying themes of the game. Not that Breath of Fire II promotes atheism, quite the contrary in fact. If anything it simply proves that we should exercise caution before blindly following the beliefs of others… This kinda flew off the rails…

Lots of story in this play session, only for it to end with me saving just before the final encounters of the game. I would have pressed on, but seriously, 8.5 hours and it was now 3am… My body just can’t do this anymore!


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