Breath of Fire II – Day 7

Long session today… Finally picked up Bleu/Deis and was actually surprised to find she wasn’t quite as overpowered as I thought she’d be. Not a bad thing necessarily, btu the game’s definitely maintaining it’s difficulty level, which of course isn’t too difficult to begin with.

I remember really disliking the dungeons that took place inside people/trees/whales, but this time around I really didn’t mind them. The entire quest revolving around (and within) the Queen of Melodia was all pretty funny and never too much of a pain. Well except for Highfort, that was quite an involved detour and while it improved my feelings towards Sten as a character, I’m still not a fan of having him in my party.

Speaking of characters I don’t love using, Aspara’s the star of the next leg of the quest. I don’t really remember what’s all involved with the Elder Tree, only that this is where I get Barose.


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