Chrono Cross – Master Moon, Eh?


Another short (well 2 hours…) night as all I really wanted to do was finish up the dragons questline, get my body back, and end the evening with a new weapon. It all took a bit longer than I thought and I was actually pleasantly surprised to see the difficulty of the bosses ramping up somewhat. Lots of cool events (and naked Serge jokes) leading up to what’s basically the end of disc one, and I’m having a good time.

With Serge back in the party I went off on a sidequest to pick up his ultimate weapon, the… Mastermune. Sorry, the weapon and story behind are really cool, and I’d love to know more about how the Masamune became an evil sword in the first place but… eh, I’ll get over it. The fight to get it would have been impossible had I not cheesed it with dark element absorbing armor and even then there were close calls. I wonder if it’s intended as a New Game+ event. Either way, with that done I plan on getting this game wrapped up sooner than later!


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