Breath of Fire II – Day 5

I progressed further through Tapeta’s story only to find myself needing to level up a bit more to finish it. I also took this time to recruit some town members and make some… clever use of game mechanics in order to solve my money issues. I didn’t realize until after I’d finished playing for the night that there’s a MUCH better version of this trick so I’ll have to save that for later.

So, the game…

The high rate of random encounters is annoying and grinding is mandatory, and those are two major complaints I had about Phantasy Star IV as well as other RPG’s. That said, I’m having trouble putting my finger on what it is about this game that makes me not really mind the grind. Visually the game is great, and the story’s a lot of fun, too. Money’s not an issue anymore but character progression is still slow, and I feel like I’m using a less than optimal (Sten…) party composition.

Whatever the reason, I know I’m having a great time, and frankly I’m finding this game to be considerably better than I remember.


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