Breath of Fire II – Day 4

Big night tonight what with unlocking the shaman system and the hilarious if not intensely stressful Witch’s Tower. The fight against Nympho was crazy and I thought for sure I’d be restarting, but Ryu managed to pull off a solo victory after a clutch revive from Nina… ‘course then I still had to get BACK to the campsite. Also, man, poor Nympho…

One thing I don’t miss from these old RPG’s is the ability to miss things, both permanently and temporarily. I mean, I’m not really upset over it because exploration should be rewarded and whatnot, but it still stings when you save after missing out on what would have been a huge help for the part of the game you’re on. I’m specifically talking about the dragon transformations behind the waterfall. I didn’t think I’d be losing the prince so soon and for so long…


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