Breath of Fire II – Day 1

My first RPG on the SNES list is one that I actually have some pretty fond memories of. A friend had loaned me the first Breath of Fire game back in grade school, and I enjoyed it a lot. Much later, I’d happen upon a video store in the middle of a liquidation sale, and they were selling SNES games for $10 a piece! My parents said I could get two, and while I shudder to think of what gems I’d passed up I know for sure I’d made good choices when I brought Breath of Fire II to the register. What was the other game I picked out for ten bucks? Oh, just some weird RPG about time travel with talking frogs and sentient robots…

I beat the game, and I remember liking it. What I didn’t remember was how horrible the translation of the game was. I tried to play the game last year for the first time since I was a kid, and could barely get through the beginning. Knowing I’d be playing it for this project I decided to commission a reproduction cart with Ryusui’s re-translation of the game.

After the first day I am NOT disappointed with that purchase.

The new translation alone is utterly fantastic, never mind the excellent touches like improved font and text handling, properly translated names for characters, towns and items, a dash button and that great introduction scene complete with vocals.


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