Phantasy Star IV – Day 5

I really wanted today to be the day where I’d say “You know what? This game is actually awesome! I’m gonna sink some more hours it and it’ll be great!”

That’s not what happened.

You all know The RPG Boss You’re Not Actually Supposed to Beat™ who smashes your party into the ground just for the game to tell you “No, that was supposed to happen!” and the story continues. Well I fought that boss earlier in the game, it was ugly. Couldn’t land a hit, he killed my party in one attack, the we barely escaped and regrouped and the show went on.

Tonight I sit down for a horribly painful dungeon experience. Burnt through all my TP and healing items hoping that I could still manage the boss at the end. Sure enough it’s the TRPGBYNAStB from earlier! I think to myself, okay, this time I have to beat him! All my attacks either do no damage or miss entirely, can’t touch this guy. He then instakills my party members, one after the other. Okay then, guess it’s another fight I’m supposed to lose.

*party wiped*

*game over*

*title screen*



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