Phantasy Star IV – Day 2

I tried to progress further into the game, only to get demolished in the next dungeon. This is somewhat upsetting as I didn’t have any trouble in the previous dungeon, so having to grind out levels seems really arbitrary. Things got a little easier when, only after consulting an online guide, I found the weapon and armor shops in the town I was in… With some financial goals set I went off to grind in the previous dungeon until I gained a couple levels and had enough money to buy all the best gear available for all my characters.

That done, the next two areas were pretty easy and I’m actually finding myself enjoying the story more than I did last time. Maybe this is because I’m not playing with a headache, maybe it’s because Rika’s awesome… I don’t know. Speaking or Rika, can’t say I’m too happy about getting her at level 1, but hopefully getting her up to speed won’t be too bad.

I’m also taking the time to learn to actually use my techs and abilities which smooths things out a bit.


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