GEN – #20 – Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine


Gameplay, Story and Value:


Well… It’s Puyo Pop, a game I’m not even remotely good at. In this type of puzzle game you attempt to match at least four connecting jelly colors, which count as connecting so long as they’re touching on the sides. As you and your opponent progress, you will send garbage over to the other’s field, which they must clear in order to continue playing. When you run out of room, you lose.

What adds an extra layer of difficulty to the game, is that “attacks” are only made with a combo. This means that playing the game is not as simple as matching colors, but you must set up additional matches that will trigger from the first. The more matches in a combo, the bigger the attack, and the more garbage that will fall on your opponent.


Single player mode consists of a number of versus matches against the computer, each round having increasingly tougher AI. Your other options are limited to single matches against the CPU, or head to head multiplayer with a friend. Admittedly, with a game like this, that’s really all you need!

Controls are simple enough: each face button rotates your falling jelly!

Presentation, Music and Sound:


The game looks great, though not very inspired by its Sonic source material. I think that’s fine, though. The jellies are adorable and everything just has this sense of cute “fun” to it. The UI does its job and, well, there’s really not much to say in this department.

The music is catchy while you’re playing and never in the way, though to be honest I can’t recall a single track as I’m writing this review. The sound effects all work fine and the occasional nods to Sonic are noticeable and appreciated.



Again, I am just terrible at this brand of puzzle game, but I still had a good time. It’s not a game I see myself playing often, and to be honest if I were itching to play a console-specific version of Puyo Pop I’d rather be playing Kirby’s Avalanche, but it’s still a fun enough entry in the series.


Mean Bean Machine



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