Shining in the Darkness – Day 1

Oooooh boy. I can tell I’m in for a long one here…

This game is surprisingly reminiscent of Dragon Quest in its feel and mechanics, which of course means I’ll probably think it’s awesome in the beginning, then get bored and not finish it. Actually I really am enjoying myself so far, even if the difficulty is a bit steep. I am, of course, drawing my own maps as I’m playing which should explain the slow exploration speed in the video. and it’s definitely a different experience for me.

Unfortunately, my first gameplay session ended in absent minded tragedy… See, the A and C buttons are your select buttons, while B is your cancel button. Additionally, A/C will act as a “Yes” in dialogues, while B will act as “No”. In this game, you go to the shrine both to see the XP needed to reach your next level, as well as save. Towards what would inadvertently become the end of my first play session, I just wanted to check my remaining XP, but wasn’t ready to lock in a save just yet… unfortunately, due to an antiquated and useless game option (quitting) this exchange took place…

“You need 1 experience point to reach the next level”
Press B
“Do you want to save your game?” <Yes / No>
Press B for no
“Do you wish to continue your adventure?” <Yes / No>
Thoughtlessly press B for no…
“Well goodbye then!”


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