Playthrough Analysis – 98 Games

With another console under the belt it’s time to update the playthrough analysis report.

This one will be a bit more concise than the last with fewer charts and less superfluous data. Not much else to say so let’s just get into it!


What we’re looking at is the total number of games beaten versus the number of games that, either due to difficulty or disinterest, were not completed. Any games that are endless, or otherwise impossible to properly “beat” are labeled as Not Applicable.

The Gameboy really did a number on my complete:incomplete ratio, as I found many of the game very difficult to get through for one reason or another. I’m hoping to buck this trend moving into the 16-bit realm. In the future I will likely break down completion per console, but as it is now I broke about even on the NES (20:21) while tipping the scale rather severely (18:28) on the Gameboy…

Score per Genre

Here we have the average score given to games broken down by genre. Some of the genres are a bit skewed, for example Action Adventure contains all the Zelda and Metroid games, and there’s only one game in Fighting genre. What will be really interesting to see moving forward will be the genre shift. The 8-bit era had so many platforming games with the success of franchises like Super Mario, Mega Man and Castlevania, and most of the one plated managed to be pretty good. The 16-bit, primarily the SNES, will introduce a ton of RPG’s into the mix, further emphasized by the PS1. Consoles like the N64, Dreamcast and PS2 are kind of all over the map…

Score per Year

This data will also get more interesting over time, though the 80’s are more or less spoken for, save a few Genesis games like Ghouls ‘n Ghosts which will appear on the next analysis. The 90’s are off to a good start, though there’s hardly enough games to make that claim, and the SNES, Genesis and N64 will have a HUGE impact on that decade. You can also see the bulk of Game Boy Color games in the 1999-2001 range.

Score per Console

While this particular chart is currently… very boring… it will potentially be a lot of fun as we move on. At a glance you would think that the NES was an exponentially better system than the Gameboy. Realistically they were fairly close, with Gameboy games averaging a 61 and NES games averaging a 65. I think it will be interesting to see the generation jumps.

Top 25:

Finally I’ll end things with a simple graphical representation of my current top 25 games based completely on score. I’m happy to see a good mix of games from both consoles so far, though there are a couple obvious breaks in score ranges:

Top 25


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