GB – #27 – Revenge of the ‘Gator


I’ve played pinball… not this one though.


Being a pinball game I’d like to see a pretty solid story, reasonable amounts of character customization and a good level of depth to the game’s villains.

Day 1:


Yay pinball? This is a fine version, I guess, and was made by HAL Laboratories which should speak to its quality. Basically you’re pinning and balling your way around an alligator themed pinball table trying to rack up a high score.


…then a ‘gator eats your ball, vengefully.


After being a PS+ subscriber since its inception I think I have just about every table for Zen Pinball every made. My point is, I’ve never actually played the game, because pinball.

I don’t love pinball. I don’t hate pinball. I’m incredibly indifferent to pinball. I think part of it has to do with the fact that it’s a feeling from the arcades that just can’t be recreated with video games… of course if I’m at an arcade, let’s face it, I’m bustin’ moves on DDR… or actually playing Bust-a-Move!


– Super simple pick up and play pinball.
– Alligators are rad.
– For an earlier Gameboy game, it’s surprisingly fluid.


– It’s not Sonic Spinball, or Pokemon Pinball.
– There’s not much to it aside from the one, rather small table.

Revenge of the Gator


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