GB – #44 – Kid Dracula

Didn’t even know this was a thing. Sure played a lot of Castlevania though…

I’ve read that this is the lovechild between Castlevania and Mega Man, two of my uncontested favorite game franchises. The bar is set high…

Night 1:


Yes. Yes. YES. YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I bought the cheaper, imported version as spending $60-$70 on a Gameboy game was a tough pill to swallow, but holy crap. I can’t read a word of what’s going on but everything about this game so far is a massive win for me! It’s not very Castlevania at all, aside from the homages to the series, but the Mega Man shines right though with just the perfect dash of Disgaea on top.



The controls are airtight and the levels are short, fun, and a-freaking-dorable. The first boss of the game has you fighting a little ghost. When you beat him he runs off crying and grabs Daddy Ghost. When you beat him he runs off crying and grabs Grandaddy Ghost, complete with beard and cane. You can’t hurt the old guy, but just as I was trying to figure out how to fight him he passes out from exhaustion and gets dragged away by Father and Son Ghost. Hilarious! The second boss was just as amazing. I think I was laughing the entire time I was playing this gem.

This is exactly what I needed after that Kid Icarus pit (badum psh) and I had to force myself not to clean it out in one sitting. I want something to do at lunch tomorrow, and I may have to show this off to a couple coworkers.  Also want to start from the beginning again to get a few better pictures.

Night 2:

I take back everything nice I had to say about this game!

Okay, not really, but holy crap I clearly forgot I was dealing with Konami here.wpid-20150223_134636.jpg

The first levels were still quite breezy and fun to play through, but everything after that demands attention. The bosses are still fantastic, with everything ranging from a giant chicken to an alien in an elephant suit, but what I’m really liking is how the game makes you use the new abilities you get.


One of the more challenging aspects for me, aside from the fact that it’s a challenging game, is the Japanese text for abilities. Parts of the game, especially bosses, demand fast switching of abilities. You can see what ability you currently have selected in the lower left corner.

Still, I’m getting the hang of it, and was able to make it halfway through Stage 7 before I had to head back to my desk.



I learned something pretty cool while playing later in the evening… There’s a mini-game you can play between levels wherein you can earn extra lives. In fact, you can earn MANY extra lives. I earned 50, and used about 12 of them on the last two levels!


Finally, however, the final boss went down! Here’s what I believe to be the end credits…


This was exactly the kind of change of pace I needed coming off of double Kid Icarus. Another gem found as a result of this project I found this game oozing with style, peaking at just the right level of difficulty. Kid Dracula easily earns its spot on my shelf and I have no real complaints about it as a whole, aside from the last boss not being very clear mechanically. Still, I figured it out and managed to clean this one up!

Play it Again?
Yeah I think so. It’s a short enough game that I don’t mind running through it. Next time, though, I think I’d rather play it on the Super Gameboy or GBA Player, as a proper controller would have made this game a lot more fun.

Kid Dracula


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