GB – #48 – Yoshi Cookie

I actually originally posted this a few days ago as the game, Yoshi, which is not this game. Upon realizing I had the wrong game I went out and picked up the correct game, pictured about. I played a lot of Yoshi on the NES as a kid and never really loved it, but this game is a new one for me.

Honestly I don’t know what to expect, but it’s not much from looking at it.

Night 1:

wpid-20150202_235145.jpgWhat stands out immediately for me is just how smooth this game plays for an original Gameboy title. That smoothness alone makes the game more fun, sliding the cookies around trying to get matches before more cookies pile on. The premise is kind of neat, in that if you’re clever you can get ever puzzle solved quickly before having to think your way out of any given situation. It’s like each stage has a “right” answer.

I made it all the way to level 4 before getting bored, which is around 30 puzzles I believe.

Maybe “bored” is too strong a word, as I did enjoy playing the game. It just feels like you see everything the game has to show you right up front, and if you’re not satisfied by the same puzzle after the same puzzle, it wears thin pretty quickly.

Play it Again?
Probably not. Not when I have Tetris and all of its variants to play instead.

Yoshis Cookie


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